Top 5 Dessert Trucks in LA

With summer coming to an end, we can finally let those beach bodies go and indulge our cravings for sweet treats once again!  While there are many dessert options to choose from in Los Angeles, few are mobile.  Here are our top five dessert trucks that you can find driving your way.

5. Sugar Babies Cupcakery

Sugar Babies CupcakeryIn the city where Sprinkles began, and many cupcake bakeries have followed in its footsteps, surprisingly, not too many bakers have taken their cupcakes on the road.  However, two health-conscious sisters dominate the streets of LA with their signature miniature cupcakes in Sugar Babies Cupcake Truck.  Kassandra Workman and Rachel Crystal began baking small cupcakes because they thought regular-sized cupcakes were too excessive.  With their mini cupcakes, their customers can enjoy more flavors without the extra calories!  The best part about Sugar Babies is that they don’t just sell cupcakes – you can also find mini cheesecakes, cake pops, and cookies at this LA dessert truck.

4. Beignet Truck

IBeignet Truckf you want a beignet, but don’t think you can make it to New Orleans anytime soon, then head over to the Beignet Truck! After years of crafting and perfecting an original recipe, the Beignet Truck is serving made to order beignets with dipping sauces and coffee. To keep the experience of these beignets authentic, the ingredients and coffee are imported directly from New Orleans.  This dessert truck isn’t just serving desserts – with its lively staff, the Beignet Truck is also dishing up a New Orleans ambiance to its customers!

3. B Sweet Mobile

B Sweet MobileB Sweet Mobile is the dessert truck that can do it all! Owner Barb Batiste serves everything from cookies and cupcakes to parfaits and pies in her two B Sweet trucks: Lil’ Angel and Lil’ Devil.  While this modern day Betty Crocker serves nearly every dessert desired, Barb Batiste specializes in making her famous bread pudding. With flavors like glazed donut, apple pie, cookies and cream, and fudge brownie, B Sweet’s bread pudding is so deliciously famed that they can now be purchased at select Target stores across the country!

2. Waffles de Liege

WWaffles de Liegehen you see “Belgian Waffle” on the menu of a dining establishment, you’re typically being served a Brussels waffle. At Waffles de Liege, however, you’ll be served the other Belgian waffle, that is, Liege waffles! Made with different ingredients, equipment, and preparation techniques, the Liege waffle is a richer, denser, sweeter waffle and is caramelized on the outside due to the pearl sugar it requires.  Patrons can order a traditional Liege waffle with powdered sugar, or add various toppings like spreads, syrups, nuts, fruit, and ice cream!

1. Coolhaus

CoolhausIf you’re looking to add some innovation to your dessert, be sure to seek out Coolhaus! Co-owners Natasha Case and Freya Estrella combined their passions for food and architecture by creating ice cream sandwiches and naming them after architects and architectural movements that inspire them.  Coolhaus pushes boundaries of traditional desserts by combining unique sweet and savory ingredients.  Unusual ice cream flavors to choose from include: fried chicken and waffles, gin and tonic, and Cuban cigar.  If you want to take your taste buds on a thrill ride of delicious confusion, Coolhaus is your destination!

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